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Pull style chat:

This chat mode works with almost all browsers that support frames.

The main chat screen is redrawn completely at set intervals, with the newest messages appearing at the top of the screen. The screen is also updated when you send a message.

Streaming chat:

This chat mode only works with newer browsers (MSIE 4.01 or later, Netscape 3 or later) and requires that JavaScript be enabled.

New messages are added to the bottom of the main chat screen in real time as they are posted. The screen scrolls up as each new message appears. This is a much nicer way to chat.

Floating chat:

This chat mode is very similar to streaming chat and has the same requirements, but runs in a small window that can be easily tucked in a corner of your screen. This makes it very easy to work on other tasks on your computer while chatting. A few of the functions are not available from the controls at the bottom of the window, but you can still use the profile to set any options.

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