X marks the spot!

Distance Name Forum ID City St/Prov Country eMail Website
X 502 Tom Tom Minneapolis Minnesota USA tdeyoung [at] http://Redoing it
EN34iv-Hmmm I need a truck!
X 553 Tom caveman Minneapolis Mn USA tpd [at]
X 576 Jason [Airwolf] Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Wow. A giant finger came out of the sky and nearly crushed me when I put my city on the map.
X 664 Jim Minneapolis MN USA jseiler513 [at]
X 700 William maverickhunters Neenah Wi USA spideythriller [at]
Just wondering if theres more wisconsinites out here LOL!!!!
X 708 Tamm Tamm Neenah WI USA
X 896 Jennifer Jen Rockford IL USA miss_jen_m [at]
X 906 Cheryl lefthand30 Walworth WI USA jcsmith [at]
I think that's right.
X 943 Biff Biff/Krod/Uncle Bob Grand Rapids Michigan USA
X 959 Tracy FireKid79 Mount Pleasant MI USA decycler97 [at]
i've moved again... but this time with my son and husband :-D
X 970 Tracy FireKid79 Grand Rapids MI USA decycler97 [at]
hey, i'm in GR now.. but moving to Indiana.... :)
X 980 Tim JustTim West Branch Michigan USA
X 984 Lori sunshine kenosha wi USA IsayHeyU [at]
X 990 John Biff Mayhem Grand Rapids Michigan USA
word to your mother

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