X marks the spot!

Distance Name Forum ID City St/Prov Country eMail Website
X 0 Caroline Looneyfox Belfast Antrim Northern Ireland
X 376 john manxie douglas,isle of man Isle of Man pte092 [at]
hello from a small island
X 532 Sarah Sarah-Emma Leicester UK sarah_seaton [at]
Here's my home....I live in a dot!
X 561 Andy Higgy Manchester England
X 583 Po Falkirk Scotland
im all alone up here! ;-)
X 602 Liz Anderson liz Swindon England liz.anderson [at]
Opps!! Hope I put myself on the England Map, Hi! Everyone:)
X 606 Josh freelancer_85 Somerton Somerset England freelancer_8504 [at]
X 653 Ice ice3470 Kirkkcaldy Fife Scotland icedesignz [at]
Looking to talk to my friends from Holland that remember me( Hi Emy)
X 655 sarah saze edinburgh Scotland chilli_rose2000 [at]
i'm from bonnie scotland wooppeee
X 700 Jonathan Last Daze Luton Beds England last.daze [at]
Welcome to this little island
X 700 Sam Liquid_Glimpse/Muffin UK
its Meeeeeeeeeee :D
X 705 charlie charlicat UK
X 793 Calum The Purple Orange Saffron Walden Essex England calumwithonel [at]
X 896 Chris Satan KL Norfolk UK Dennis7430 [at]

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