X marks the spot!

Distance Name Forum ID City St/Prov Country eMail Website
X 336 Kangagal Kangagal Sydney Australia
X 408 Tinkerbell Canberra ACT Australia
X 430 dash1 Grafton New South Wales Australia hanchardclan [at]
X 537 sherry sherry Sydney NSW Australia
X 546 Sharon Shewolf Newcastle NSW Australia squeaka1975 [at]
That's around about where I am, I'm not going to be too pedantic about it!
X 700 scott Chief Squatting Bull Brisbane Qld Australia acrownofthorns [at]
X 784 Gayle Ipswich Queensland Australia
X 798 Brian ByGrace Gold Coast Queensland Australia
Why not
X 816 cattle grazing cattle grazing Brisbane Queensland Australia
Queensland - beautiful one day, perfect the next!
X 835 Moentran Moentran Batemans Bay NSW Australia askme [at] ournextchattogether
Why is Australia purple? Do you think we're all desperate or something? Well, there is that..
X 952 Steve Klaatu Melbourne Victoria Australia
X 970 faithful Bundaberg Queensland Australia
X 981 Joshua Adelaide South Australia Australia joshuaminchenko [at]
I enjoy using Chien Chat...what else am I supposed to say again?? lol
X 992 Penny Spiderlady Adelaide South Australia Australia pakrjones [at]

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